June 20-22, 2024 - First Baptist Church (Spring Valley, CA)


M3 Conference — Expanded Version

Multiplying Disciples, Leaders, & Churches

The Journey to Multiplying Disciples, Leaders, & Churches Begins Here!

Come join us at this expanded 3-day conference as we explore the culture of a multiplying church. This conference is designed, not just for churches of all sizes, but also for all Christians, as we help you discern what your next steps might be as you take steps toward biblical multiplication.

We promise you will be encouraged and challenged on what it looks like to reach lost people, make disciples who make disciples, and develop leaders in your church.

We are taking our normal 1-day conference and expanding it into a full training event (see schedule below). On Thursday, we will walk through the full MyCircle Evangelism Training (Click HERE to get more information.). On Friday, we will spend time helping every follower of Jesus see how they can be involved in making disciples who make disciples. On Saturday, we will discuss how all Christians can invest in the development of future leaders.

Thursday, June 20th (9 am – 4 pm)

 •  9:00 am – MyCircle Evangelism Training, Session 1
 •  10:30 am – MyCircle Evangelism Training, Session 2
 •  Noon – Lunch
 •  1:00 pm – MyCircle Evangelism Training, Session 3
 •  2:30 pm – MyCircle Evangelism Training, Session 4

Friday, June 21st (9 am – 4 pm)

 •  9:00 am – Biblical Disciple-Making, Session 1
 •  10:30 am – Biblical Disciple-Making, Session 2
 •  Noon – Lunch
 •  1:00 pm – Biblical Disciple-Making, Session 3
 •  2:30 pm – Biblical Disciple-Making, Session 4

Saturday, June 22nd (9 am – 12 pm)

 •  9:00 am – Leadership Development, Session 1
 •  10:30 am – Leadership Development, Session 2

Please consider joining us for the entire conference for just $25 a person. The cost will include snacks, drinks, and lunch on Thursday & Friday). There is the option to just join for MyCircle Training on Thursday for $15. Plus, if you are a LEAD PASTOR, we have over $100 worth of books that we will be providing you at no additional cost (these resources will be available for anyone to purchase at the event).

We are excited about what the Lord will do at this conference. We look forward to meeting you in person and seeing how God can use all of us in the multiplication of His Church.


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